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Me and my drawing machines are in this show Saturday. Be there. ok, bye.

Super moon. 9:38 p.m. 7/12/14. Santa Monica, CA.Photo by steve craig.Not the best lens, but not so bad.

Santa Monica Pier concerts started tonight.Tons of people there…I didn’t know anyone.
Emeryville, CA. Wall. Photo by steve craig.
drawBot doesn’t like the Iraq War architects being on TV again. Like, WTF? These slimeballs are responsible for the the biggest foreign policy disaster in American history…an EPIC failure based on lies…and now they are asked back on TV for their opinion on how to deal with the cesspool of terrorist extremism that has taken over Iraq. uh, hello? We sure do like bullshit here in Amerika. We live in a strange country.
Today. This photo makes my whacky inventions all worthwhile.Steve’s Awesome Crane for Kids and Some Adults.

10 freeway, Cloverfield exit.
Central Valley California along I-5, yesterday.

"Narcissa." Steel, reclaimed wood, cement, string. 15” x 11” x 5”. 2014. steve craig.
For Venice Family Clinic Art Walk & Auctions.
Moba. New work.