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Truck. Main Street. Venice, CA.
Spin art machine ON-OFF switch.

Evolution of a ticket (or one of many reasons I hate the police…and sheriff). 5/1/13 Fat pig and Sheriff Heier pulls me over at a crowded stop light at rush hour for looking at my cell phone. I wasn’t talking or texting and I was stopped at a red light. Heavy construction going on. Nothing moving. 7/8/13 Fine due date. Fine is $161 plus non-refundable $10 e-Public Access Service Fee. Total due: $171. 6/17/13 Paid $171. Requested trial by written declaration. Sent phone bill showing I wasn’t on the phone at the time. Sent photos of intersection at rush hour with Metro construction going on (yes, I went back there at rush hour to take a picture). Told them I was probably checking the time. I was probably checking email and Facebook, but who gives a fuck? I was stopped at a jammed up red light that probably took 3 greens to get through. Asshole Sherriff Heier moves court from WLA to Beverly Hills for some reason. 12/23/13 I hear nothing until December. You cannot call the court to find out what’s going on. You get a recording that tells you nothing about the status of your ticket. Anyways, finally I get a notice: Not guilty. You’ll get your $161 back within 60 days. 2/21/14 Finally get my $161 back in the mail. 10 months from ticket date. $171 is a lot of money…especially if you’re poor. This seems to be about the average amount for fines these days. Who has time to fight a ticket? even by writing? Most people just pay the fine. Present day law enforcement is not concerned with your safety, they are more interested in generating revenue. I am the 99%.

Maricopa, CA 2013 Leica M3 Summicron f2 50mm Agfa APX 400
Here’s a picture of my cat.

Kelly Thomas Rally.Fullerton, CA.January 18, 2013.Photos by steve craig.
DrawBot by steve.Revision A.
2014.It’s twenty-fourteen, not two thousand fourteen. For example, the year 1914, is nineteen-fourteen, not one thousand nine hundred and fourteen.  Stop saying two thousand fourteen. It’s twenty-fourteen. Let’s get this right, people. There isn’t much time left. Happy TWENTY-FOURTEEN. 2014.

Corner. Downtown L.A.Photo by steve craig.

Wall. Downtown L.A.December 25, 2013.Photo by steve craig.

Steve’s Awesome Crane for Kids and Some Adults at the Renegade Craft Fair at the Los Angeles State Historic Park, Downtown.December 14, 2013.